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Useful Information


Grilling sustainably

We love our planet and believe that it is important to use fuels that help our environment rather than destroy it.
Woodlands need to be managed in order to survive. Yes, this means cutting down trees, in order to let new trees grow. Every wood fuel that you can use has the potential to be sustainable. There are 3 things that affect this:

  1. Whether you are taking more wood from the forest than it can grow in a year.
  2. How far you have to move the wood fuel from where it was felled to where you are going to use it.
  3. How is that energy then released.

Whittle and Flame make charcoal from woodlands on the same site and use a unique process of which distils the flame out of wood. The tree’s carbon structure and the essence of individual character are all that’s left behind; no nasties going into the environment or their charcoal due to their specially designed kilns. They do this by ensuring that all of the carbon which doesn’t make it into charcoal is fully recycled and converted back into the ingredients that trees need in order to grow, as well as other sustainable energy.

Most of the charcoal purchased in the UK is imported from abroad. Look out for charcoal that is certified for sustainability by
Grown in Britain



Top tips for extraction and safety of solid fuel grills in a commercial kitchens. For full details please see our guide to extraction* which has been produced in conjunction with leading extraction company Halton.

  • The ventilation system needs to be up to the job and should be planned alongside the installation of an indoor grill or a ventilation expert consulted to see if an existing system is suitable. The air extraction requirement will need to be calculated and we have had our grills tested to establish a “co-efficient” to allow this to be done more accurately.
  • Consider the extraction equipment that will be needed: canopy, ductwork, discharge points and extract fans. Also consider the supply air system in the kitchen.
  • Wood burning, as opposed to charcoal, has different requirements and therefore the overall specification for the ventilation system is more stringent.  Please see the guide for more information.
  • Burning solid fuel emits carbon monoxide, so provisions for an alarm/ monitor must be put in place.
  • A spark arrester is recommended to reduce the risk of sparks entering the ductwork system.
  • Solid fuel should be stored in a dry and ventilated area.
  • Always ensure that equipment is cleaned, maintained and serviced.

*These points and the guide to extraction are for background information only. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure correct ventilation and health and safety in the use of our grills.