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OxGrills - The Mini Ox

The Mini Ox

  • Technical Information
  • Grill bed options
    Straight bars, Gridiron®, Plancha, V-grooves
  • Base dimensions
    680mm (including width of uprights) x 400 mm (excluding depth of door 25mm & projection of handle 70mm)
  • Width including wheel mechanism
  • Height
    600mm to top horizontal bar 675mm to top of handwheel
  • Weight
  • Stainless steel grade
    316 marine grade
  • Firebrick base resistant to
    1200 °C
  • Adjustable grill height?
  • Accessories available
    Resting shelf, Rotisserie – manual or motorised, Hanging bar, Fish cages, a range of stands
  • Base/positioning requirement
    Grill must be sited on a suitable heat resistant base - a stainless steel frame stand or brick/stone counter top. A metal counter top is not suitable owing to the heat which emanates from the base. Grill doors require min 30mm clearance beyond the base to allow door opening downwards 180o