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Grill Bed Options

diamond plate grill


Designed by Chef Richard H Turner and used in Hawksmoor Restaurants, Gridiron® provides an excellent grilling surface as it has a flat surface, like a plancha, but also allows the smoke from wood or charcoal through to give your food ultimate flavour, whilst creating attractive markings to meat, fish and vegetables.


Grill Bed Options - straight bar grill

Straight Bar Grill

Most commonly used by Chefs, our straight bars are made from substantial 8mm Marine grade stainless steel and provide a great, versatile, cooking surface.


v-grill bed options


Used by most Argentines, the angled v-grooves help prevent as much ‘flare up’ from fat hitting the coals, by channelling the fat into a front tray.


Ox Grills - Grill Bed Options Plancha


Perfect for cooking smaller or more delicate foods, our plancha also allows more creative cooking as everything is contained within the angled sides.